• Heather Rawlings

Capturing Holiday Memories

Mommas, don’t you wish you could capture those beautiful winter scenes from your memories? Well, now you can, or at least create a miniature version.

This Christmas season is going to be filled with crafting, baking and lots of movies and hot cocoa. Making memories has never been more important and crafting is just one of the ways we can do that.

I came across Missy, of The Little Green Bean.com a few months ago on Instagram. She has this amazing shop with the cutest little gnomes and other adorable handicrafts. She posted a video of these little snow scenes and just had to share. They are made with Dollar Store and Target dollar spot finds, so it fits the budget as well.

Things you’ll need: • some type of glass votive • small trees • deer, presents, house etc • artificial snow • wood slice • hot glue gun

Grab a crafting buddy or throw on a holiday classic and get crafting! Make sure you check out Missy’s Instagram and her Little Green Bean website for a little more inspiration!

Stay tuned for more crafting, baking and game ideas for this holiday season! Creating memories with those we love . . . one day at a time. Thanks Missy for sharing your fabulousness with our mommas!

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