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Kids Ask The Darnest Things

As a former preschool teacher, I am very familiar with difficult questions and how to answer them, in a politically correct, not your momma kind of way, but when they asked Santa Claus if he knows their naughty elf on the shelf, Rodney, I held my breath.

Do you have my new address?

What do your reindeers like to eat?

I don't have a fireplace, how will you get in?

How do you get to all the children in one night?

Do you know Jesus? Is He your best friend?

Am I on the nice list?

And then all the hilarious commentary on their families . . .

Mom and dad say bad words, but I don’t.

Sometimes my dog eats my vegetables.

And then you have the inquiries of a child, that is trying to figure it all out…

Is your beard real Santa?

What about quarantine?

Are you really that fat?

Do you have a favorite football team?

Does Rudolph have a red nose that lights up?

So thankful that Santa has been doing this a long time and familiar with these questions, but most of all he has the heart of Santa. He cares about the things your kids care about and wants to create magical memories that last a lifetime. This is what sets him apart. This is where the magic happens.

These questions from children (and their loved ones), have already been answered this year and most certainly there will be many more as Santa continues his virtual visits this week before Christmas, but if you could ask Santa anything, what would you ask?

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