• Heather Rawlings

The Presence of Santa

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

More than a sleigh full of gifts, a heart built for giving to others and bringing joy wherever he goes.

Brown paper packages tied up with strings reminds me of all the many Christmases with my children. There were never many gifts under the tree, but each was chosen with love. I still get giddy when I find the “perfect” present for someone I love! Don’t you?

Decorations were put up the first week of December and a sure sign that Christmas was right around the corner. Seems like forever ago, that the littles would wake up and ask how many days til Christmas. Some people did Advent calendars, and we did them occasionally, but most years it was literally counting the days til Christmas. Life was simple then. Chaotic, but simple.

My littles were raised with Santa as their Papa. For their entire life, they would wake up Christmas morning with Santa at their house. It wasn’t weird, it was just their experience. He didn’t wear his red suit; he was just Papa in 501s a short sleeve shirt, and those iconic black boots. I don’t remember the kids ever asking questions about all the Santa activity the night before, it was a stockings, breakfast, and gifts kind of morning. It was just a little slice of heaven.

Papa was present. Not just on Christmas, but he was and is an AMAZING grandpa. He would take the kids on trips, adventures and play trains for days with my littles. So very thankful for him and the relationship he forged with my little mighty mites that may look different now that they are all grown up, but still a very special relationship.

Christmas will look different this year. For some, it may be very similar to years past but for some that have lost their jobs due to the pandemic or in person visits may not be able to happen, but memories will still happen. This could be the BEST Christmas in your child’s memory because you were PRESENT.

- His littlest elf, Heather

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