• Heather Rawlings

It's a Virtual World

A little crazy to think that most of our Christmas traditions will look very different this year. The corporate Christmas Party, New Year celebrations and social gatherings are if not completely on hold, are getting creative in their new traditions.

The Virtual Visit with Santa is certainly a twist on the typical sitting on Santa’s lap and sharing their sacred Wish List, but I believe it might even be better than the visits of old (so 2019).

Take a moment to read this review. This meeting was filled with the challenges that come with a virtual meeting but as you will see, Santa, full of Christmas love and magic redeems the moment.

December 4, 2020

​"The world is full of unknowns and we all need to believe in a little love and magic. Christmas reminds us of this. All around the world there are people who are bringing Christmas love to families in various ways. This year has been challenging and how do we continue to foster the magic with our kids when we aren't able to do the usual traditions. Well of course Santa is magical and has decided to go virtual with the help of his clever elves!

My kids did a virtual Santa visit with this Father/daughter duo Santa and his elf Heather. They were top notch. They had internet issues (which we are all able to relate with.. especially when it's snowing at the North Pole) so they called on the phone and Santa visited and made a plan to reschedule, but with a little elf miracle, they were able to get the internet up and working so they were able to Zoom yet! This duo is just amazing.... They even ask for some intel ahead of time so the visit is personal and we were able to invite grandparents. My kids were amazed that Santa knew their names, grades, hobbies, pet's names...

I honestly think as a parent what really touched me is the fact that this family believes in the purpose of Christmas and they are willing to go above and beyond to watch the kids faces light up in joy. I can't recommend this experience enough! P.S. the beard is legit and the Santa laugh is on point, so I'm pretty certain it's definitely the real one! ;-)"

​Merry Christmas,

Lacey, Jason, Brady, Caralee, Crissa and Brendan Koopal.